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TikTok’s ‘Red Nail Theory’ Is More Interesting Than It Sounds

The male brain continues to fascinate us.

Just when we think we got it all (sort of) figured out, we go and learn something else. Like how men are apparently attracted to women with the color red on their nails .

The reason for what’s been dubbed the “red nail theory” will either shock you or have you running to the nail salon .

You don’t have to speak to a makeup artist to get good beauty tips.

Unsplash | Peter Kalonji

The internet is full of wise, beautiful ladies ready to share their secrets. There’s this hack to make your lashes look fuller from a user on Reddit .

“I use a safety pin to separate my lashes after putting on mascara,” they wrote.

Image credit: Unsplash | Aleksandra Rupar
Unsplash | Aleksandra Rupar

“They always clump up, and trying to use the brush just makes the clumps bigger,” they added. Just be sure not to poke your eye out!

This next hack, although unusual, is to put mayo in your hair.

Image credit: Giphy | TLC
Giphy | TLC

And here we thought only Big Ed from 90 Day Fiancé did that.

According to a Redditor, it’s been a game-changer for their dry hair . “I just wash it out super thoroughly and it gives my hair such nice shine and tames frizziness better than anything else I’ve tried.”

*Buys dozens of mayo jars immediately*

Image credit: Unsplash | charlesdeluvio
Unsplash | charlesdeluvio

If your skin is looking rough and you don’t have the funds to spend it on an expensive exfoliator from Sephora, grab a banana peel instead.

A Redditor wrote that rubbing the peel and leaving it on for 15-20 minutes is better than any face mask they’ve ever used.

That’s something we can go bananas for.

Image credit: Unsplash | Drew Dizzy Graham
Unsplash | Drew Dizzy Graham

In addition to beauty hacks, the internet has had quite a few beauty theories . Some of these are pretty far-fetched, like how makeup companies give out high-quality samples to get customers hooked on their products.

Then, the theory goes that they sell watered-down full-size versions.

Image credit: Giphy | Billboard Music Awards
Giphy | Billboard Music Awards

Some beauty theories are for your own benefit, like the next one surrounding the color you paint your nails.

According to TikToker Robyn Delmonte of GirlBossTown , there is a connection between the color red and male attention.

“I know guys are attracted to red nails and I’ll tell you why,” she started her viral video.

Image credit: TikTok | @girlbosstown
TikTok | @girlbosstown

She went on to call this the “red nail theory,” explaining that, “Every time I have red nails, a guy comments on it … And then it hit me.”

“In the ’90s when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot — especially our moms,” she continued.

“And I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms when they were taking care of them.”

Definitely weird, but it also kinda makes sense.

Image credit: Giphy

Red is a powerful color, affectionally known as the color of love. Think of the color of red roses, hearts, or all of the romantic red hues that are shown on The Bachelor .

Robyn wasn’t alone in her theory.

Many people, both men, and women agreed with her in the comments. “Sigmund Freud would love this theory,” one user wrote. His beliefs were that “humans are primarily driven by sexual and aggressive instincts.”

“my ex was obsessed w red nails and had SERIOUS mommy issues so this is a fact,” another user shared.

“Older men at my job comment on it the ABSOLUTE MOST,” another wrote. Some, however, weren’t quite convinced, sharing their own theories that red is simply a noticeable color. “Agreed but also red is just a romantic HOT colour.”

What’s your hot take?

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