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This Hack To Whip Our Foundation With Electric Milk Frothers Is Sort Of Brilliant

In a hurry to get ready in the morning ? Don’t worry, you can kill two birds with one stone!

After you’re done frothing the milk for your coffee , go ahead and froth your foundation. Yes, seriously.

It’s part of a new TikTok beauty trend dubbed “makeup frothing.” Even though it sounds super strange, people seem to love it a latte.

Let’s face it: TikTok has become the hub for beauty advice.

Unsplash | Peter Kalonji

We no longer need the glossy pages of a magazine to show us how to properly draw a cat eye sharp enough to kill a man a la Taylor Swift.

Beauty creators on TikTok provide hacks that save time without skimping on results.

Image credit: TikTok | @isaachalvorsen7
TikTok | @isaachalvorsen7

Like this blush makeup trick by @isaachalvorsen7 that will make your face appear more lifted. See, most of us have been taught to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks.

But Isaac states that this actually makes your face look fuller.

Instead, you want to place the blush on the back of your cheekbones, or even around your temples. This gives you sculpted cheekbones that make the whole face look snatched.

Another beauty hack people loved is attaining heatless curls thanks to their bathrobe.

Image credit: Giphy

What you want to do is twirl your hair around your bathrobe belt so that it’s held tight in place. Then, leave it for a few hours or overnight .

The end result should be soft, Victoria’s Secret-like curls.

So pretty! Compared to some of the others, those beauty hacks are pretty tame.

People on TikTok have done some weird things, like using an eyebrow pencil on their lips or attaining JELL-O skin.

This next beauty trend may also fall into the “weird” category.

Image credit: Unsplash | Fahmi Fakhrudin
Unsplash | Fahmi Fakhrudin

It’s called “makeup frothing” and it involves diluting your foundation with a bit of water in a glass and frothing it up using a frother that’s usually reserved for lattes.

Although skeptical at first, @Avonnasunshine on TikTok gave it a try.

Image credit: TikTok | @avonnasunshine
TikTok | @avonnasunshine

It felt wrong to watch her pour precious expensive foundation into a glass of water and then froth it up. But the results were actually completely brilliant and gorgeous .

“CALL ME CRAZY but this is GENIUS,” she captioned her video.

Image credit: TikTok | @avonnasunshine/
TikTok | @avonnasunshine/

“Oh, that’s so interesting,” she said as she applied the frothy foundation to her face.

“It feels cloudy,” she said before praising how light the mixture felt on her skin. She compared it to Dream Matte Mousse aka the foundation pretty much every girl used in high school.

“I wish you guys could feel this,” she said to the camera.

Image credit: TikTok | @avonnasunshine
TikTok | @avonnasunshine

“And the coverage is definitely lighter.” The experiment left her wondering if she should be frothing up the entire bottle of foundation.

She also posted some update videos, including one that showed the results after she worked out.

For the most part, people were intrigued.

Image credit: Giphy | Saturday Night Live
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

“This is going to be a new trend I just know it,” one wrote. “Beautiful!” added another,

But not everyone was convinced. “Naah these makeup hacks are getting out of hand. Now we got Starbucks makeup,” a user commented.

They probably won’t like to hear that foundation isn’t the only thing people are frothing.

It is called “makeup frothing,” after all. TikTok user @christineabrahamm took advantage of this by frothing her entire makeup look, from her foundation to her blush. See the results here!

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