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‘Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown Spills the Beans on Dayton Brown’s Living Situation

Paedon Brown confirms the rumors about Dayton Brown living in his mother’s RV just outside her house. According to her, Robyn did this to keep Dayton close to home and prevent a repeat of what happened between Kody and Janelle’s sons – Garrett and Gabriel Brown .

Keep reading for the details.

Speaking With John Yates

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Paedon (24) discussed in an interview with John Yates on his YouTube Channel on Wednesday when he was asked to confirm if Robyn truly kicked Dayton out of her house as a response to his failure to abide by Kody’s Covid-19 protocols.

Robyn’s Act Was To Keep Dayton Close

While citing the strained relationship between Kody and two of Janelle’s sons, Garrett and Gabe Brown, he noted that Dayton’s current living arrangement is part of Robyn’s efforts to keep him close.

What Paedon Thinks Robyn Should Do

The 24-year-old continued by calling Dayton an incredible guy and rooting for Robyn to get to a point where she can make decisions for herself, void of Kody’s influence.

Robyn Tried To Be A Protective Mom

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He described Robyn as a protective mother who “never threw Dayton out of the nest” and hoped Dayton would learn to “fly without being pushed out of the nest.”

Robyn’s Children

The 44-year-old and only remaining legal wife of Kody Brown shares Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora with David Jessop whom she was previously married to before legally marrying Kody in 2014.

Robyn And Kody’s Kids

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Kody adopted her three kids after the marriage and then soon welcomed a daughter Ariella and a son Solomon with Robyn.

Fans Concerns

The two Brown kids are speaking up after the fans expressed their concerns about Dayton’s absence on season 17 of the show.

Gwendlyn Brown

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Gwendlyn also spoke about Dayton’s current living status in a YouTube video on January 11 and compared it to Garrison’s living arrangement.

Dayton Has Autism

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Robyn previously discussed Dayton’s autism in a blog post in 2018, stating that his teachers approached her about wanting to do tests on him, and that was when she discovered he had Asperger Syndrome.

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