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Mom Shamed Online For Letting Her 5-Year-Old Bleach Her Hair

A mom was recently shamed online after posting a controversial TikTok showing herself and her daughter going to the salon to bleach and dye their hair.

Demi Lucy May Engermann ( @demilucymay__ ) posted a video last week showing the trip she took with her five-year-old daughter to the hair salon, explaining that they were bleaching her daughter’s hair to add pink to it.

The TikTok, which already has over 14.7 million views, shows their entire day.

TikTok | @demilucymay_

“My daughter asked if she could bleach her hair so she could put pink in it,” a caption reads on the video, which shows her daughter, Maude, getting her hair done.

Maude seemed to be loving the entire process.

Image credit: TikTok | @demilucymay_
TikTok | @demilucymay_

Maude went through the whole process, which included getting her hair bleached in sections, waiting while the bleach set, and getting it washed out. She seemed to be having a pretty good time.

And Demi got her hair done at the same time.

Image credit: TikTok | @demilucymay_
TikTok | @demilucymay_

The two had made a day out of it, with Demi getting bleach and dye in her hair at the same time. She made sure to show that both she and her daughter were getting similar treatments.

And later, Maude’s dad almost didn’t recognize her!

Image credit: TikTok | @demilucymay
TikTok | @demilucymay

“Bret brought us Starbucks and walked right passed the room bc he didn’t recognize Maude,” Demi writes in the caption, showing how much of a transformation Maude went through at the salon.

And while the video went viral, there are plenty who are critical of Demi’s decision to let Maude dye her hair.

One user said, “I’m all about coloring my daughters hair…. There is no way in hell I would ever BLEACH I though.”

Others questioned if it was even safe for kids to get bleach in their hair.

Image credit: Giphy | Entertainment Tonight
Giphy | Entertainment Tonight

“Not trying to be rude or question the parents decision but genuine question isn’t the chemicals from the bleach bad for their sensitive scalp?” another commenter asked.

It is true that there are some dangers to getting your hair bleached too young.

Image credit: Giphy | Rachael Ray Show
Giphy | Rachael Ray Show

According to medical professionals, bleach can be harmful to kids’ scalps , as they tend to be more sensitive than adults. But if you’re going to get your child’s hair bleached, it’s best to get it done professionally (which is what Demi had done).

Demi later responded to all the critical and hateful comments.

In her video, she explains how Maude wanted to bleach her hair because she wanted to have pink in it, so Demi and Bret talked about it and agreed to get it done by a professional stylist.

“You can disagree, that’s fine, but the minute that name calling starts or mom shaming starts based off one decision that you disagree with, that’s where I’m going to put an end to that,” she said.

Image credit: Giphy | CBC
Giphy | CBC

She also explains that she didn’t make her daughter blonde because she wanted her to look “better:” “I would never put that on my daughter and make her feel like she has to change anything about herself.”

“Ultimately, I posted this video because it was such a fun and special bonding moment with my daughter, and it’s sad that the internet has to turn that into a negative.”

And while she did face a lot of criticism, many commenters came to Demi’s defense.

Image credit: Giphy

“You did nothing wrong. She’s gonna love the pink!!” one comment said.

Another wrote, “literally why do ppl care about a child that isn’t theirs??”

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