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Men Share Their Honest Thoughts About The Traits Women Feel Insecure About

When we don’t feel like we’re good enough, it can take a toll on our confidence and sense of self. For women in particular, specific beauty standards, gender roles and numerous sets of unattainable expectations can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Fortunately, for women that worry about what men think, we may have some answers. We’ve compiled a list of 15 things that men on Reddit don’t think women should be insecure about. In many cases, the guys explained that they actually appreciate some of those so-called “shameful” qualities.

1. Breast size

Unsplash | Womanizer Toys

Between Hollywood’s portrayal of womanhood and contemporary beauty standards, having large breasts can seem pretty desirable. However, when it comes to Reddit user, TheBigPasta, said, “Breast size. A good portion of us don’t give a [expletive] about that.”

2. Freckles

Image credit: Unsplash | Valeria Smirnova
Unsplash | Valeria Smirnova

Freckles can feel like annoying imperfections for the world to see, but, it turns out, guys think they’re pretty adorable. In fact, Reddit user, SecretSummerMidnight, wrote, “Also apparently some are self-conscious about freckles, I think they look stunning.” Then, user hamlets_uncle said, “Freckles rock. Wear them with pride.” It looks like freckles have more than a speck of popularity.

3. Messy hair

Image credit: Unsplash | Ismail Hadine
Unsplash | Ismail Hadine

Too often, women feel like they have to have stunning hair and be perfectly put together. However, some men actually like when women let things get a little messy and disheveled. NotARealTopHat wrote, “messy hair” and several guys agreed that when it comes to the simple principle of “messy hair, don’t care.”

4. Stretch marks

Image credit: Giphy | Giphy
Giphy | Giphy

Even though they’re common and natural, stretch marks can make many women feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. For Reddit user, CilliamBlinton, stretch marks and other physical characteristics are barely noticeable. He explained, “Cellulite, stretch marks, anything that might be seen as a ‘blemish.’ My girlfriend has all of the above and I never noticed any of it until she said something about them.”

5. Height

Image credit: Unsplash | Tyler Nix
Unsplash | Tyler Nix

There’s this troubling stereotype that women can’t be taller than men, or the world will explode or something. This clearly isn’t true, in fact, lots of guys prefer the women they date to be taller, including Reddit user, Shot_Scheme2504. He said, “Height! As a 5’9” guy, I love girl’s my height and even taller, so stand straight for God’s sake!”

6. Nerdiness

Image credit: Unsplash | Joe Ciciarelli
Unsplash | Joe Ciciarelli

Most of us have seen the depiction of the awkward nerdy girl with glasses and acne in movies and on T.V. She gets a bad rap, when in reality, nerdy girls are pretty amazing. User trzvk22 certainly thinks so, writing, “Brains. Being a nerd is the new sexy.” We think that answer gets an A+ and a new comic book.

7. Weight

Image credit: Giphy | Giphy
Giphy | Giphy

Here’s another societal beauty standard on our hands, and it’s quite the weight for many women to bare. Reddit user, afi931, wrote, “Your weight has nothing to do with self-worth.” While there’s so much pressure to look a certain way and wear a specific size, the best fit is confidence.

8. No makeup

Image credit: Getty | electravk
Getty | electravk

Makeup can feel like a protective shield that isn’t just pretty, but also camouflages blemishes, scars and other facial details that may be deemed as undesirable. Yet, seniorfrito, thinks that women don’t need it in order to impress people. He wrote, “Their face without makeup. I’ve been told that makeup isn’t about impressing other people and is more of a self-confidence/self-love thing, but the only reason it’s even a thing is because it impresses other people.”

9. Body hair

Image credit: Giphy | Giphy
Giphy | Giphy

From the time they’re girls until, well, they walk into the bright light, women are inundated with advertisement after advertisement about all of the ways they can (and should) remove hair from their bodies. It can be a concern when it comes to impressing men, but for ty_perry_much, it’s all natural. He writes, “Their body hair. It’s natural to have body hair.” It’s true, just about every body eventually starts sprouting hairs.

10. Laugh

Image credit: Unsplash | Nicolás Villalobos
Unsplash | Nicolás Villalobos

Everyone laughs in their own way, but for women, being too loud or high-pitched can feel unattractive. Being quiet and soft are cliche rules women are pressured to follow, rather than genuinely laughing out loud — even if that means a little cackling. CasualOddBall explained,”Their laugh. If you snort like a piggy, go on girl. Most of the time it’s cute.”

11. Eyelashes

Image credit: Unsplash | engin akyurt
Unsplash | engin akyurt

It’s been a trend for some time, and ladies love the long eyelashes. It’s great if they get lash extensions because they love them. However, if it’s for the attention of fellas, they may not be necessary. frankwhite97 wrote, “Lack of long eyelashes. Literally, no dude has ever cared about eyelashes.” While we can’t speak for all the dudes out there, it looks like lashes aren’t a dress code for love.

12. Acne

Image credit: Unsplash | Tyler Sakil
Unsplash | Tyler Sakil

Acne can literally make most of us want to curl into a ball in our beds and never go outside again. Yet, just about everyone gets it—including women. It’s frustrating that women feel like they have to answer to impossible expectations, luckily some men feel the same way. YeetThatLemon wrote on Reddit, “Acne on the face, back, or wherever. None of us really care. I had bad acne growing up and at some point, I learned that any respectful person will not judge you for it because you can’t really control it.”

13. Farting

Image credit: Giphy | Harmonie Aupetit
Giphy | Harmonie Aupetit

Everybody farts, yet, there’s yet another weird expectation for women to never have gas. If they do, for some reason, they turn into tom boys or “one of the guys.” FaithlessnessFirm646 said, “Burping or farting around us. I know too many girls that have said they think it is rude or going to turn us off of them. Personally, I would want you to let go of any gas because I know how uncomfortable that is and I couldn’t imagine if you were holding that in on top of period pain or other things. Please just pass your gas and don’t let it be something you think will turn us off.”

14. Grey hair

Image credit: Unsplash | Natasha Brazil
Unsplash | Natasha Brazil

There’s a theory that aging women aren’t desired anymore, and it’s completely made up. It would seem that regardless of grey hair, men are interested. In fact, one Reddit user is a true fan of the look. He wrote, “Grey hair on a woman is kinda hot.”

15. Vaginas

Image credit: Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

The way we look down there can make us worry about what’s normal and if our parts are attractive. This is common for women, but the reality is, vaginas are all different. They don’t look the same because they’re not supposed to. just_another_reddit explained, “Vaginas. As long as they’re healthy, they are beautiful and loved.” We agree, all vaginas should get some love.

Let us know what you think in the comments of these 15 qualities that Reddit guys don’t think women should be insecure about.

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