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After Turning 60, Courteney Cox Mocks Her Wellness Routine, Which Involves “Cryotherapy”

Courteney Cox hilariously shared her beauty secret to staying fit after celebrating her 60th birthday. Taking to her Instagram page on Sunday (July 7), the Friends star, who hit her milestone birthday last month, uploaded a Reel poking fun at her wellness routine.

In the Reel, the actress announced: “I just had a birthday,” while working out in a gym before adding: “Don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice.”

Courteney, who turned 60 on June 15, quipped: “You just gotta do the best you can,” as she showcased her various exercises, which included running on the treadmill and using different weights machines.

Toward the end of the video, the Scream talent’s personal care regimen took a bizarre turn when she emerged from a tiny freezer wearing nothing but a bikini.

Courteney Cox hilariously shared her beauty secret to staying fit after celebrating her 60th birthday

Image credits: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Making the entire clip more comical, Courteney appeared baffled as she turned to the camera, her face covered in a white sheet face mask while carrying a red-light therapy baseball hat.

“What? It’s cryotherapy,” the mom-of-one humorously exclaimed.

Cryotherapy involves treatments that use freezing or near-freezing temperatures. According to Medical News Today, there are various potential physical and mental health benefits.

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

Despite posting the video as a joke, friends and fans were left impressed by Courteney’s athletic abilities, as an Instagram user commented: “You say that age proudly girl because 60 has NEVER looked better!”


Someone else penned: “You look better than me and I’m 28. I need to get my s**t together haha.”

Taking to her Instagram page on Sunday (July 7), the Friends star uploaded a Reel poking fun at her wellness routine

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

Mighty Aphrodite star Mira Sorvino added: “You look amazing and continue to delight with your antics.”

“This is INSANE!!! The body is boding!!!!!!!!” Love Island USA host Arielle Vandenberg noted.

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

Courteney recently opened up about adding chilly methods to her well-being plan, telling Glamour in November 2023: “I thought I would never do a cold plunge.

“I thought I would hate it, but I love it so much, I feel great for hours afterwards.

“So as much as you dread getting in, you know that you’re going to feel so good.”

Courteney, who turned 60 on June 15, showcased her various exercises, which included running on the treadmill 

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

The actress also shared her thoughts on social media filters, saying: “Those selfies that I’m like, ‘Why are you doing that?

“‘Everyone knows that’s not what you look like, that’s so stupid.’”

Speaking on lip fillers, Courteney admitted: “As soon as someone does that to their lips, and I’ve tried that, it’s a slippery slope.

“A lot of times, people don’t realize things catch up with you and you don’t know that it’s gone too far.”

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery states.

The most popular type of injectable fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and tend to be the most temporary option. Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last from 6 to 18 months.

“We see a good amount of [overdone filler], unfortunately,” Dermatologist Jessica Weiser told Allure in March 2023. It presents as “that classic pillow-face appearance — very puffy with strange anatomic proportions.”

Courteney quipped: “I just had a birthday,” while working out in a gym before adding: “Don’t love the number, but look, we have no choice.

Image credits: courteneycoxofficial

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were some of the latest A-listers to face the wrath of social media beauty critics since photos comparing the couple’s older portraits with more recent ones started circulating online this year.

Taking to her Instagram page on March 29, Meredith West, a physician assistant with a Master of Science and 15 years of experience specializing in plastic surgery and injectables, posted a joint Reel with the Virginia-based (USA) Mountcastle Medical Spa.

In the video, which amassed nearly 3 million views, “before and after” pictures of Ryan and Eva seemingly exposed a startling difference in their physical appearance, with the married pair looking somewhat “puffier” than they used to.

“My guess is they have both had some cosmetic work done recently,” Meredith wrote in the Reel’s caption.

She explained: “I think Eva might have had facial surgery (possibly a facelift +/- fat grafting) and they both have likely had Botox and facial fillers.”

Courteney’s Reel continued to draw praise on social media

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