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A Mistake We Didn’t Know We Were Making Could Be The Cause Of Our Hair Falling Out

Many women experience the crazy fear that happens when they are in the shower and they feel a bunch of their hair fall out in their hands. Sometimes, without realizing it, we lose a bunch of hair almost every time we wash it . Trying to ensure that we can keep our hair healthy, shiny, and on our heads is something that we all prioritize .

Many times, we do a lot of things to our hair that causes its demise.

Unsplash | Kasia Serbin

Without even realizing it, we do a lot of things to our hair that can cause it to fall out and even get brittle and frizzy. From the products that we use, to the way we style our hair, we can cause a lot of damage.

After showering, we tend to do a lot of things to dry our hair.

Image credit: Unsplash | Dushane white
Unsplash | Dushane white

This can happen when you use a towel, using a blow dryer, or if we’re putting product in. Pretty much nearly anything you do to your hair can cause damage in some way.

Apparently, however, the way we all use our towels can be a huge issue and cause a ton of problems.

Image credit: Unsplash | Denny Müller
Unsplash | Denny Müller

How many times have you gotten out of the shower, flipped your hair upside down, and tied it up in a towel wrap to speed up the drying?

Amy Diala, a hair expert and TikTok user, shared some insight as to why it’s not good to use a towel wrap to dry our hair.

Image credit: TikTok  | TikTok l amydiala
TikTok | TikTok l amydiala

Amy said that when your hair is wet, it’s even weaker than when it’s dry. It’s the time when we should be the most careful with our hair and what we do.

When we wrap our hair in a towel, it causes the towel to pull on our hair from the roots.

Image credit: TikTok  | TikTok l amydiala
TikTok | TikTok l amydiala

The tension that the towel causes can weaken the strands of hair from the root, pulling on them. This eventually causes breakage and causes our hair to actually fall out.

However, if you do want to dry your hair using something like a towel, Amy has some advice.

Image credit: TikTok  | TikTok l amydiala
TikTok | TikTok l amydiala

Instead of using a towel, Amy says it’s better to use an old t-shirt to dry your hair. But, don’t wrap it up in the t-shirt, as that too will pull on your hair.

Use the t-shirt in a scrunching method.

Image credit: TiKTok  | TikTok l amydiala
TiKTok | TikTok l amydiala

Scrunch the bottoms of your hair when wet to dry. Then, move the t-shirt up the shaft of your hair to continue scrunching it in order to dry it. Eventually, you will reach the top.

Amy also shared that when you comb your hair, start at the bottom.

Image credit: TiKTok  | TiKTok l amydiala
TiKTok | TiKTok l amydiala

When starting at the top when your hair is wet, you put pressure on the roots again and cause it to fall out and break. Starting at the bottom will get you to comb the knots out and then work your way up.

Amy shared some other tips, as well.

Image credit: Unsplash | Antonio Gabola
Unsplash | Antonio Gabola

The beauty guru shared that you should always use a heat-protectant product when your hair is wet to protect it from any heat or styling you may do, and ensure your hair does not get more damaged.

She also shared that using a good hair oil will do wonders for your hair.

Image credit: Unsplash | Christin Hume
Unsplash | Christin Hume

Hair oil can be great for protecting the hair shaft and repairing brittle strands and split ends. Amy shared that putting hair oil on your ends can help tremendously.

Many people online loved the tips.

Many TikTok users loved Amy’s tips, saying that they are not going to use a towel to dry their hair any longer. However, some said that they use a microfiber towel, and it helps their hair and dries it, too.

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