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A Girl Tests Beauty Products From The Past

As we get older, it seems like things go out of style and totally get put into the past right before our very eyes. The trends and beauty hacks that we use every single day slowly start to fade out and we look back wondering what we were even thinking . Social media makes it even easier for things to go by super fast, as yesterday’s “in” becomes today’s “out.”

When we look back on photos from our childhood, sometimes it’s hard to believe what we looked like.

Unsplash | Raphael Lovaski

From thick black eyeliner to dark brown lipliner, the things of our past seem to faze us rather quickly. But, going even further back, our parents and grandparents had a lot of looks and products that we haven’t seen before.

Beauty standards and products have definitely changed over the years.

Image credit: Unsplash | yunona uritsky
Unsplash | yunona uritsky

From when our grandmothers were doing their makeup for a night out, things have changed a lot in the beauty community. But, sometimes, the products stay just as great as they once were.

One TikTok user shows this to be true by testing out vintage beauty products online.

Image credit: Unsplash | Marissa Grootes
Unsplash | Marissa Grootes

Mako, who shares her love for beauty on her TikTok channel, collects a ton of vintage makeup and shows it off in several videos on her profile.

Some of the products are actually awesome.

Image credit: Unsplash | Liz Breygel
Unsplash | Liz Breygel

While she shows off some everyday products like lipsticks and eyeshadows, she also shows off some crazy cool products and ideas that we all wish would make a comeback, too.

Like, for example, this lipstick matchbook.

Supposed to look like matches, the matchbook actually looks like it could be used to strike a fire. But, instead, they are different shades of red lipstick on the end of the matches. So cool!

Or, this cool lip gloss holder.

This lipgloss holder is from the 1970s and is shaped like a hamburger. When you take off the “bun,” you’ll see that there are two different shades of lipgloss you can choose from, looking a little like condiments.

Some of the makeup she tests is from the ’40s, too.

This makeup bottle is all the way from World War 2, from the 1940s. The makeup is not only for the face but also for the legs. Women back then apparently wore leg makeup to give themself a little color and shine.

And, if you have ever wondered what it looked like to do your nails in the ’20s, wonder no more.

If you wanted to know what manicures looked like 100 years ago, look no further. This manicure set looks nothing like what we are used to when it comes to doing nails. It’s clearly an amazing vintage find .

Mako shows that some beauty trends don’t always change.

Image credit: Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

While we think that everything goes out of style, and sometimes they do, the way in which we handle how we look and what tricks we use don’t always go away. In fact, some things stay around for decades.

For example, Marilyn Monroe’s white eyeliner hack.

Image credit: Unsplash | Michèle Eckert
Unsplash | Michèle Eckert

Marilyn Monroe used to use white eyeliner on her lower lashes and the corner of her eye to make her blue eyes appear bigger and pop. It’s something many women still do today!

And, everyone using those rosy cheeks.

Image credit: Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska
Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

Rose-colored cheeks may seem like our grandmother’s trend, but everyone is back to doing it now. More often, TikTok beauty gurus are showcasing those red rosy cheeks with some blush or even lipstick. Some things never change!

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