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20 Weird Things People Found That Left Them Mystified

Sometimes, it’s tough to tell what the intended purpose of a device is. Whether you choose to shrug and move on or photograph it and ask the internet is entirely up to you.

If you do opt for the latter option, though, you’ll want to put it up on the r/whatisthisthing subreddit . It’s a near guarantee that you’ll get an answer.

“UK here. Why is there a ‘Super Antenna’ glued onto a drain cover? Drain is stamped with ‘FH’ and sprayed blue just off a shot, this antenna is glued down tight.”

Image credit: reddit | Hullian111
reddit | Hullian111

This is a monitoring system for something related to the sewer — likely water levels, gas buildup, or general water flow.

“Trailer with a submarine-resembling container with portholes parked on the grounds of a public swimming pool.”

Image credit: reddit | Murmerlurmeli
reddit | Murmerlurmeli

This is a fun one. It isn’t a submarine, but it’s related to the water. When filled with water, it’s a mobile way for trainees to practice using underwater breathing devices.

“What is this foldy metal thing attached to the side of my back porch?”

Image credit: reddit | hastalanever
reddit | hastalanever

This probably looks a lot more interesting than it is. It’s a simple can crusher: drink a soda, pop the can in this thing, and pull the lever to crush it.

“Wooden chute covered with beams near Durango, Colorado.”

Image credit: reddit | andybogo
reddit | andybogo

This is a flume, basically an old-school small-scale railway, that can carry small items. In this case , it was built to carry water from Cascade Creek into Electra Lake.

“Pair of hinge-looking objects on fireplace mantle of former US ambassador to NATO.”

Image credit: reddit | Wanan1
reddit | Wanan1

If you looked at this thing (there’s another on the left side) and thought, “That looks exactly like a door hinge,” you’d be entirely correct. As for why they’re up there? No idea. Clearly, they’re a conversation starter and have possible sentimental value.

“Plastic (dispenser?) Unit, two parts, blue and clear unknown origin.”

Image credit: reddit | JA307020IIII
reddit | JA307020IIII

This wasn’t familiar to me, but it turns out it’s just one of those toilet bowl cleaners that you attach to the inside of the bowl. It’s just in a different form factor.

“Black, plastic, button-actuated, battery-powered thing with an LED on it.”

Image credit: reddit | raul2010
reddit | raul2010

This probably looks at least vaguely familiar to anyone who’s ever drilled into their walls. It’s a stud finder from Amazon Basics.

“What is this thing on my balcony? It can swivel up and down but I have no idea what it might be used for.”

Image credit: reddit | hagosantaclaus
reddit | hagosantaclaus

This is something that would be super handy to have on a balcony. It’s for hanging clothes, and if there’s another one on an opposite wall, a clothesline can be strung between them.

“Small ceramic cup-like item bearing a cross.”

Image credit: reddit | Bigbadbeardiebabe
reddit | Bigbadbeardiebabe

The cross here is a bit of a giveaway. You might find something like this in a Catholic household. Fill it with holy water, then dip your fingers in it before you cross yourself.

“What is this weaved object hanging on the wall of my local pub? I vaguely remember one hanging in my grandparent’s old house as well.”

Image credit: reddit | Doctoroflight
reddit | Doctoroflight

This is one of those now-antiquated tools that used to be commonplace. It’s a rug beater (I think that’s the name, at least), and its intended purpose is to beat dust out of rugs.

“What are these dark trails? They appear anywhere in the house but particularly on the lounge/dining/kitchen walls, often up high. Washes off easily with water.”

Image credit: reddit | eivelyn
reddit | eivelyn

If you looked at this and thought “Bug poo,” give yourself a gold star. We’re not sure what bugs, specifically, this came from. All we know is that it’s gross.

“Insanely heavy glass with (bubbles?) inside, the inscription says 1978. Any idea what this is or just a random decoration item?”

Image credit: reddit | TheBrickBuilder
reddit | TheBrickBuilder

This one’s fun because OP didn’t want to believe the answer. But the answer is, simply, a paperweight. I have one that looks almost the same.

“This metal ‘ring’ was in every toilet in a hospital. No search I have done was able to locate a match or answer.”

Image credit: reddit | sassyclassychassy
reddit | sassyclassychassy

If you work in a certain type of facility, you know exactly what’s going on here: those devices are there to stop flushable wipes from being flushed down the toilet.

“What is this thing found at a thrift store? It has removable pins with beads at the end of the pins. I was thinking maybe something for your hair?”

Image credit: reddit | vanatics
reddit | vanatics

This classy-looking object is a vintage appetizer server. Known as a ‘cocktail pick,’ it dispenses little pointy picks that can be used to stab into and pick up appetizers.

“What is the intended purpose of this very thin, glass-covered drawer?”

Image credit: reddit | Smokinsumsweet
reddit | Smokinsumsweet

This is a practical idea I haven’t seen before: the glass surface is there so cups and dishes can be set down without leaving rings or stains on the tabletop itself.

“Cutouts above all doors in the house. They are finished and doors don’t extend into the cutout. No holes or other indicators of something being mounted on the ceiling.”

Image credit: reddit | jcain8
reddit | jcain8

I thought this was maybe just a modification for very tall people, but it’s more likely that the cutouts were made to enable the installation of a track, which would help a disabled person move around the house.

“My neighbour just installed this outside of their window. I assume it measures something but I have never seen such a pole.”

Image credit: reddit | tzt1234
reddit | tzt1234

This is an antenna, but what’s it for? It seems that it’s for trading a cryptocurrency called Helium. It operates on a low frequency. No idea why it’s upside down.

“Seven-foot tube with radiation warning on top of car.”

Image credit: reddit | tomrluton
reddit | tomrluton

It looks like a radon detection tube, but that doesn’t explain the various warning stickers. It’s most likely just a case with some stickers thrown on as a joke.

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